Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Verse 1-
so many nights, I felt your beating heart
as we were deep in da dark
I watched u slepping tight
protect you from the light
as if u were a child
and put a kiss on your lips

don’t u go breaking my heart
stay for a while
I’ll make it alrite
cuz if you go breaking my heart
I won’t survive
so stay for tonite

verse 2-
Oh, this can’t be right
cause each and everytime I look deep in ur eyes
I see the shining stars
beautiful work of art
still we juss neva part
let’s work it through you and I
here tonite

Repeat Chorus-

Is there sumthing I should of done?
tell mi where did I go wrong
is der sumthing dat I could of said
to make you stay around my way

Repeat 1 until fade-

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